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Instructor Training Camps
in Japan

The Who

Specialist instructor training camps for certified instructors, aiming towards their next level of certification.

Expose yourself to high-end Level Three rider development
Prepare for the exam or just push your riding towards the Level Three standard
Grow your teaching skill sets to cater for advanced students
Improve video analysis skills on your own snowboarding and other high-end riders
Train towards the SBINZ and AASI Level Three Exams specifically

The What

These snowboard instructor training camps are based out of Nagano, Japan, but train towards SBINZ certifications.

Video feedback is used a lot during these camps, with multiple evening analysis sessions facilitated, and footage will be made available for riders to take away with them.

These instructor training camps include 5hrs of coaching per day, along with lift passes, accommodation, daily breakfast, plus some day trips to neighbouring resorts.

Our groups have a maximum of six people per group and you actually stay with the coaches in the same accommodation, so there's plenty of opportunity to talk tech over beers in the evening.

Note that all members joining camps for the first time in a season are required to fill out two forms; a liability waiver form and an individual details form. The forms can be found here.

The Why

Train with industry leaders! These instructor training camps are ran by Level Three Examiners and Tech/Demo Team Members with decades of experience from all over the World.


In 2025, we are planning to run a Level Two training camp, in both English and Mandarin, with SBINZ Level Two exams included. We will also run a Level Three Bridge the Gap camp.

Level Two Training Camp

15/02/2025 - 15/03/2025

Level Three Bridge the Gap Camp

02/03/2025 - 14/03/2025

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