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Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership Questions

Why is CAMP3 a non-profit club?
We decided to register CAMP3 as a non-profit club (or Incorporated Society as it's known in New Zealand) to keep the cost of camps down and give us more flexibility with camp locations. If CAMP3 was a commercial business, we would be restricted in the locations we can operate. We're essentially like your local sports club, except our members are all around the world. And as a non-profit club, we can run camps in many different resorts around the world too.
How much is membership to CAMP3?
Membership is $45 NZD for the calendar year.
What does CAMP3 membership give me?
It allows you to book on to our epic snowboard camps, plus you'll get some CAMP3 swag too.
Where do my membership fees go?
Membership fees are used to set up and run CAMP3 as an Incorporated Society and cover the cost of some CAMP3 merchandise.
How do I pay for membership?
We include the $45 membership fee on top of the cost of the first camp you join in the calendar year. There is no commitment to pay again the following year, unless you join another camp (which you probably will).
What happens if I don't renew my membership?
That's fine, your status will just become "Inactive Member". You'll still have access to the Member's Area and be able to see what camps are scheduled.

Booking Questions

How do I book on a camp?
Visit the camp listing and look for the booking form in the lower half of the page. If you cannot see this, it means that you're not logged in or registered yet.
How do I pay for a camp?
When you've booked onto a camp, and we have enough pending bookings to run it, you will be sent a payment request. This payment request will have options to pay via bank transfer and credit card.
What is the refund policy?
Any cancellation for a confirmed booking (i.e. it has been paid already) that is MORE THAN 4 weeks prior to the first day of the Product commencing will receive a full refund, less a 10% administration fee. Any cancellation for a confirmed booking that is WITHIN 4 weeks of the first day of the Product commencing will receive no refund. The option to defer to another Product of the same value offered within the same season is possible, if there is availability and the level is suitable. A 10% administration fee may need to be applied here. See our Terms and Conditions page for more info.

Camp Questions

How long are the camps?
We have a few different length camps.

Our one-week long camps include 4 days of coaching over a 5 day window, typically running on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is the usual day off but may be used as a weather day.

Our two-week camps are 8 days of coaching over a 12 day window, typically running on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is the usual day off but may be used as a weather day. The middle weekend of the camp may also need to be used if we experience extreme weather.

The snowboard instructor training camps are aimed at certified instructors, aiming towards their next level of certification. They vary in length between 2 and 4 weeks long, depending on the level of certification they are aiming towards.

What level are the camps?
3*** All-Mountain Snowboard Camps are aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. At the minimum, you should be able to ride blue off-piste terrain with comfort and rhythm, and without thinking too hard. You should be comfortable riding black groomed runs before but possibly with less rhythm. If it's a freestyle-orientated camp, you should have ridden in the beginner's park previously and have attempted both easy boxes and park jumps. If it's a freeride-orientated camp, you should have ridden blue and easy black off-piste terrain previously. For intermediate riders, the 3*** camps are about building your confidence in the terrain specified in the camp description (e.g. off-piste or terrain park) and learn new skills in how to tackle this terrain. Advanced riders looking to polish their skills will also get a lot out of thes 3*** camps, as they will have the opportunity to ride a little slower and get LOTS of feedback.

4**** Terrain-Focused Snowboard Camps are for aimed at advanced riders. To join these camps you must have been on a 3*** camp previously, or ridden with one of coaches in another capacity. These camps help you take big steps in your riding progression, in a super-positive group culture with other riders looking to push their abilities in specific terrain. You might be progressing on to bigger jumps in the park or working on airing out of the halfpipe. You might be learning to euro carve or get your powder slashes locked in. Your goals can be varied, but try to pick a camp that is focused on the environment you wish to progress in (e.g. steeps). A lot of Level One and Two certified instructors join these camps to help them progress to their next level of certification.

5***** Snowboard Instructor Training camps are aimed at certified instructors, aiming towards their next level of certification. They are tailored specifically to high levels of certification and include a range of on and off-snow training opportunities. Each camp has a minimum level of certification required to join.

How many people per group on the camps?
As standard, we try to keep each group at a maximum of 6 people. The only exception to this is when a Camp Organiser joins as a rider in the camps (i.e. they are not a coach as well). The minimum numbers required depends on the costs to run the camp. Some camps will be 4 and others will be 5.
What kind of riding are the camps focused on?
CAMP3 is focused on all-mountain freestyle, freeride and carve. Do everything, everywhere! That being said, we do have more specific camps that are focused more towards freeriding or freestyle. It is simply about helping you to get the most out of your snowboarding and expand your skills.
How can you run camps at privately owned resorts like Cardrona?
Every location that we run camps, we have permission to do so. Every resort is different in how this works. In New Zealand, we have an agreement with Real NZ (owners of Cardrona and Treble Cone) to run their advanced snowboarding camps. In this scenario, our coaches are also employed by the mountain, meaning we get access to the lift line priority lane also.
Why do only some camps include passes and/or accommodation?
Japan camps have accommodation and passes included, as we now own a lodge in at Madarao Mountain Resort. These camps can be flexible enough to exclude lift passes, based on your needs however.

NZ camps have the option to add a discounted season pass covering both Treble Cone and Cardrona. Some of the NZ camps also have accommodation as an optional add-on too.

What happens if the lifts or resort closes?
Lift and resort closures are out of our control. However, lift closures only happen on rare occasion in the resorts that we operate in. We will often use this closed day as a down day in the middle of a camp. For example, on our 3* and 4* camps, we usually run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. If we get a closed day on the Monday or Tuesday, we will ride on the Wednesday instead. If the weather forecast is looking extremely poor for Thursday or Friday, we will bring it forward a day and use the Wednesday. There is also opportunity to use the Saturday after the camp usually ends, if absolutely necessary. Basically, we'll do our best to make it happen.

In the highly unlikely event that the resort is closed for multiple days in a row and we cannot use an additional at the end of the camp to make up for it, we cannot provide "make up" days later in the season.

What happens if some specific terrain is not available?
We will do our absolute best to get to the necessary terrain that the specific camp is focus on. All our camps have access to multiple resorts, so we can choose the best conditions on the day and offer alternatives should terrain closures occur for any reason. We do not have exclusive access to specific terrain such as the halfpipe and are at the mercy of the resort operations and snow fall here. We must work around maintenance, contests and national training teams to gain access to the Cardrona Superpipe specifically.