The CAMP3 Coaching Team

CAMP3 Snowboarding is about participation and inclusion, individual progression, and embracing snowboarding culture, regardless of background, education or nationality.

Our coaches believe in this wholeheartedly and are 100% committed to helping every snowboarder develop their riding.

Richie Johnston

CAMP3 Coach & Committee Secretary
One of the two founding coaches of CAMP3, Richie's passion and enthusiasm for progression is fully entrenched in the CAMP3 values and vision. Richie's experience as a competitor, coach, trainer and examiner, all the way up to coaching at the Paralympics, is of huge value to CAMP3 - and it shows through on every camp he runs!

Richie's credentials and accomplishments:

  • CAMP3 Founding Member and current Secretary on the CAMP3 Committee
  • SBINZ Level Three Examiner
  • Interski 2015, 2019 and 2023 Team Member
  • Previous NZ Snow Sports Paralympic Coach
  • Previous Winter Games NZ Para-Snowboard Manager
  • Lead Trainer for the NZSIA Coaching Certification Pathway
  • NLP Practitioner
  • BSc. Geography Resource Management
  • Banked Slalom Champion
  • Aerial Filmer and Certified Drone Pilot
  • Currently riding for Jones Snowboards, Now Bindings and Vight Eyewear

Keith Stubbs (aka. Stubbsy)

CAMP3 Coach and Committee Treasurer / Chair
The other founding member of CAMP3, Stubbsy has been fully committed to the vision from the get-go. As an experienced instructor, coach, trainer and contest judge, with over 30-seasons of experience from across four different continents, Stubbsy brings a incredibly diverse range of knowledge that he absolutely loves passing on to his camp crew.

Keith's credentials and accomplishments:

  • CAMP3 Founding Member and Treasurer on the CAMP3 Committee
  • SBINZ Examiner at Trainer's Certification (SBINZ's highest level)
  • Snowboard Committee Member and Snowboard Rep. on the NZSIA Board
  • Interski 2011, 2015 and 2019 Team Member
  • Previous FIS World Cup Snowboard Judge and NZ Junior Nationals Head Judge
  • Lead Author and Photographer for current SBINZ Instructors Manual and e-Learning platform
  • Coordinating Author for the award winning Snow-Search Japan guidebook
  • Published Photographer and Videographer
  • Currently riding for Jones Snowboards and Fortune Eyewear

Siobhan Challis

CAMP3 Coach
Siobhan grew up in the mountains of Austria in a town nestled at the bottom of the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier. Her Mum and Dad worked winters as ski instructors at the local resort. As a kid, Siobhan got into ski racing before making the switch to Snowboarding. While her final years in school, Siobhan discovered a love for freeriding and began competing around the world in freeride competitions with successes in Canada and Europe. During that time, she completed her education as a Snowboard Trainer gaining the highest Snowboarding Education in Europe as the youngest female ever.

Siobhan brings a lot of experience as an Austrian Examiner and Trainer for Snowboarding Austria and Snowsports Academy, and more recently as a Trainer with SBINZ. During winters in Europe, she’s a judge on the Freeride World Tour and mostly head judge at the qualifying events for the FWT. Siobhan also works part time in marketing as an athlete manager and in brand communications for a snow park company in Europe. Passion speaks for itself. Snowboarding has been Siobhan’s lifeline, from competing in freeride to being an international judge to studying sports science and becoming an examiner and trainer while still filming/shooting for video parts and/or advertisements and working behind the scenes in marketing for a snowboard- and ski-related company.

Siobhan’s credentials and accomplishments include:

  • SBINZ Trainer's Certification
  • Staatlich geprüfter Snowboardlehrer Diploma (highest level)
  • C-Trainer Diploma (Snowboard Olympic trainer - highest trainer qualification across Europe)
  • Examiner for Snowsports Academy Austria
  • Examiner for Snowboarding Austria (highest level)
  • Experience as an Olympic coach for freestyle
  • Judge on the Freeride World Tour, Freeride World Challenger Tour and Junior Tour
  • Judge on other FIS Freestyle Events
  • BSc. Sports Science and Body Movements
  • MA. Sports management & Media (handing in thesis in June 2023)
  • Currently riding for Anon, Mons Royale, Pieps

Tony Macri (aka. Maccers)

CAMP3 Coach
One of the most experiences and high level Trainers and Examiners around, Tony has been traveling the world in this capacity for more than 20 years. Tony has been a Senior Examiner in the SBINZ and AASI systems for more than 20 years, running Level Threes, Trainers Certs, Freestyle Exams.

When he isn’t examining Tony is busy with his own company Snow Trainers. Tony has been on several SBINZ Tech Teams and Several AASI National Teams going to represent for both counties at the international Interski events. Tony has also authored the AASI Freestyle Manual and co-authored various aspects of the SBINZ and AASI Technical manuals. Tony gets his greatest sense of achievement watching the snowboarders he has trained become Trainers and Examiners alongside him.

Tony’s Credentials and accomplishments:

  • Owner and Director of Snow Trainers Inc.
  • 3-Term PSIA-AASI Snowboard National Team Member and currently the PSIA-AASI Snowboard National Team Development Coach
  • 2-Term SBINZ Tech Team Member
  • PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Level Three, Freestyle, Trainers Examiner (AASI’s highest level)
  • SBINZ Level Three, Freestyle, Trainers Examiner (SBINZ’s highest level)
  • PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain Freestyle Co-Chair
  • PSIA-AASI Chairman of the Freestyle National Taskforce
  • Author PSIA-AASI Freestyle Technical Manual
  • Contributing author AASI manual, SBINZ manual
  • Currently riding for Burton, Anon, The North Face, Swany gloves, Phunkshunwear, Powerbar Sport.

Rhys Jones (aka. Jonsey)

CAMP3 Coach
Jonesy comes all the way from Cardiff, Wales. A regular at his local Cardiff dry slope in the 90’s he was hooked and it wasn’t long before he headed for the mountains! He has been sharing his passion ever since shredding and teaching all over the globe.

After becoming a member of SBINZ in 2005 and an Examiner in 2011 Jonesy has been an integral part of every level of course SBINZ offers. He was a member of the Tech team which represented SBINZ at Interski in Argentina in 2015. In 2018 Jonsey decided to get back to his British roots and work through the BASI system. He is now a BASI Level Three Examiner and runs BASI courses throughout Europe. These days Jonesy can be found working as an independent instructor in Tignes, France. He loves getting into the backcountry on his splitboard, and ripping side hits and park jumps.

Rhys' credentials and accomplishments:

  • SBINZ Trainers Certification Examiner (NZ's highest level)
  • SBINZ Park Cert and Children’s Cert Examiner
  • BASI Level Three Examiner
  • Member of the SBINZ 2015 Interski Team
  • European Mountain Safety Level 4 Certificate
  • Contributing writer for the current SBINZ Manual
  • Product reviewer for Whitelines Magazine
  • Currently riding for Dragon Lodge Snowboarding

Weiyan Li

CAMP3 Coach
Originating from China, Weiyan started his snowboarding career at a pretty late stage in life. His passion and love for the snow created a sudden change in path and led him to pursue the ultimate goal in snow sports education; the SBINZ Trainers Certification.

As the first ever snowboarder from Mainland China to achieve the highest level of certificate in SBINZ system, this was a huge achievement. Being a native Mandarin speaker and a fluent English-speaker, Weiyan has been able to teach in both languages confidently. His rich experience in freeriding, all mountain freestyle and instructor training has also helped him to form creative and fun lessons for all levels of learners. He is also deeply involved with translating the SBINZ manual into Mandarin and has been integral to all Mandarin learning resources for both Snowboard and Ski Divisions of the NZSIA. Weiyan is never reluctant to share his knowledge and experience in snowboarding (and life) when on a snowboard or over a glass of whisky.

Weiyan's’ credentials and accomplishments:

  • SBINZ Trainer's Certification
  • SBINZ Children's Cert. and Park Cert.
  • NZSIA Ski Level Two
  • Translator for the SBINZ Manual and all Mandarin learning resources
  • Lead translator on dozens of snowboard and ski courses since SBINZ and NZSIA have been operating in China
  • Trainer for Burton Academy China

Dan Burton

CAMP3 Coach
Dan first started teaching snowboarding in 1996 at Keystone Colorado (The first year they allowed snowboarding.) Originally from Auckland, he migrated sth to Wanaka in 1998, for more consistent snow during the southern hemisphere winters. Apast SBINZ and BASI trainer, Dan loves to pass on his knowledge and stoke for snowboarding; having taught in the USA, Canada, Andorra, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

Dan's credentials and accomplishments:

  • SBINZ Trainer Certification
  • Elementary Coaches Qualification
  • Alpine Skills Qualification
  • SBINZ I.S.I.A. Stamp
  • BASI I.S.T.D. (Level 4 Ski)
  • BASI Snowboard I.S.I.A.
  • French Moniteur National (BEES)
  • Currently riding for Rossignol snowboards and Pow gloves

Chris Rogers

CAMP3 Coach
For Chris, winter has been a driving force in his life and career. He learned to ski and snowboard while growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and competed in big air, slopestyle, and boardercross in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s in Alaska before moving to Colorado and starting a career in snowsports instruction. Chris’ biggest passion is helping others reach their goals and in particular loves every opportunity to coach instructors into a lifetime career in snowsports education.

Chris’ credentials and accomplishments:

  • 2-Term PSIA-AASI Snowboard National Team Member
  • Full-time Instructor/Trainer/Coach with Vail Ski & Snowboard School in Colorado
  • PSIA-AASI Rocky Mountain SB Examiner 3 (AASI’s highest level), Freestyle Examiner, Children’s Examiner
  • Snowboard Committee Chair PSIA-AASI RM
  • Director of WNTR Ski & Snowboard Training
  • AASI Interski 2019 and 2023 Team Member
  • Currently riding for Burton, Anon, The North Face, Hestra, PhunkshunWear, WSI, Phoozy, Purl Wax, Powerbar Sport