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One-WeeK All-Mountain Snowboard Camps
in Japan

The Who

CAMP3's one-week, all-mountain snowboard camps are for novice, intermediate and advanced riders looking to progress in all-mountain freeride and freestyle environments.

Develop riding efficiency and flow
Learn how to make the most of the infamously deep Japanese powder
Improve tactical and technical understanding
Maximise the terrain and time on-snow
Ride more, fall less!

The What

Our one-week, all-mountain Japan camps are all-mountain focused, with a blend of freeride and freestyle flavour.

The camps are 4 days in length over a 5-day window, with approximately 5hrs of coaching per day. They also include 6 nights of accommodation and 4 days of lift passes.

Our groups have a maximum of six people per group.

All-Mountain Terrain

Build your confidence and technique in Japanese powder, by learning new riding skills to help you in trees, gullies and other off-piste terrain, whilst building your freestyle skill-set.

Note that all members joining camps for the first time in a season are required to fill out two forms; a liability waiver form and an individual details form. The forms can be found here.

The Why

Build confidence with our highly-certified and experienced coaches, surround yourself with other like-minded riders and accelerate your all-mountain progression.

One-Week All-Mountain Japan Camp schedule for 2025


For novice & intermediate riders
04/01/2025 - 10/01/2025


For intermediate & advanced riders
11/01/2025 - 17/01/2025

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