Coach Documents and Forms

Bookmark this link if you are coaching for CAMP3, as this is not navigable from anywhere on the main website.

Safety Management Documents
This folder on Google Drive contains the following safety management documents:
- Safety Management Plan
- Safety Operating Procedures
- Emergency Operating Procedures
- Safety Objectives Record
Forms and Resources
These forms and resources are to be used during camps when required:

- Backcountry Pre-Trip Checklist & Post-Trip Reflection (please use every time you are planing to go into the backcountry)
- CAMP3 Snowboarding Accident & Incident form (please use to record any incident or accident and fill out on the same day)
- Info-Ex (used to record snowpack data and observations in the backcountry - contact Keith or Richie for login details)

The forms below must be completed prior to coaching on your first camp for the season:

- CAMP3 Van Driver Information (refer back daily when required)
- Coach Induction Checklist
- Coach Agreement - Safety Operating Procedures