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E-Sessions with CAMP3 Snowboarding

The Why

Do you find it hard to access experienced Trainers, in search of some high-end feedback? Do you have footage of your own riding but you find it hard to breakdown and analyse it properly? Curious as to how the rider analysis process works within SBINZ? Try an E-Session with one of CAMP3's top-level coaches.

One-on-one personalised sessions
In-depth analysis of your own riding
Improve your technical understanding
Goal orientated!

The What

CAMP3's online coaching or "E-Sessions" are one-on-one analysis products, delivered over Zoom. They are personalised to the needs of the individual and include a super-detailed breakdown of your riding. You can even choose your coach!

Each session is 30mins long, typically scheduled a week apart, to suit your availability. You choose what videos you would like to analyse, whether it's of your own riding or it's in preparation for an analysis exam with SBINZ.

Every session will end with personalised improvement recommendations from your chosen online coach.

This product is sold as a pack of 3x sessions for the cost of $395 NZD.

Choose Your Coach

Click on your coach of choice below and click "add to basket". Once paid, you will receive a PDF download with instructions on how to contact your coach and book your E-Sessions.

Learn more about all CAMP3 coaches here.

Richie Johnston

$395 for 3x 30min sessions

Keith Stubbs

$395 for 3x 30min sessions

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