Level Three Snowboard
Instructor Training

The Who

CAMP3 Snowboarding offers specialist Level Three Instructor Training for Level Two certified English-speaking instructors.

Expose yourself to high-end Level Three rider development
Build knowledge from different systems around the World
Grow your teaching skill sets to cater for advanced students
Improve video analysis skills on your own snowboarding and other high-end riders
Train towards the SBINZ Level Three Exam specifically

The What

Our Level Three Snowboard Instructor Training runs between Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone, in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Video feedback is used a lot during these camps and footage will be made available for riders to take away with them.

These instructor training camps are 8 days in length over a two week window, with approximately 5hrs of coaching per day. We typically run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (with Wednesday as a weather day, should it be needed). Indoor analysis sessions are also included.

Accommodation is not included in these camps. Lift passes and transport can be organised by prior arrangement.

Our groups have a maximum of six people per group. AND... we have use of the snowsports lift line priority at Cardrona and Treble Cone. Bring on the hot laps!

The Level Three Melting Pot

The first of our two-week Level Three Instructor Training camps is designed to introduce Level Two instructors to the methodologies and performance level required at Level Three. It explores techniques from different systems around the World and is a "melting pot" for instructors from different systems.

SBINZ Level Three Exam Prep

The second of our two-week Level Three Instructor Training camps is designed to help prepare you for the SBINZ Level Three exam. It includes task and skill-specific training, lots of video feedback/analysis, and will provide a very clear picture on where your ability is at in relation to the exam standards.

The Why

Train with industry leaders! These instructor training camps are ran by Level Three Examiners and Tech/Demo Team Members with decades of experience from all over the World.

Two Different Level Three Camps Available for 2022

These two training camps can be done back-to-back for those keen to really push their Level Three skill set. The first one follows on from the scheduled SBINZ Level Three Workshops and the second camp finishes before the Wanaka-based Level Three exams.

Now that's a six week block of pure epic snowboard training!


08/08/2022 to 19/08/2022


22/08/2022 to 02/09/2022

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Drop us an email at shred@camp3snowboarding.com and we'll be happy to help.

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