CAMP3 is...

An international, non-profit snowboard club

Facilitating rider development camps for qualified snowboard instructors.

A word-of-mouth organisation

Created to help its members progress their all-mountain riding, from park and pipe to freeriding and carving.

Want to join a camp? You have to be a CAMP3 member first and the only way to join is to be invited by a current member.

Any member of CAMP3 can invite their friends to join up. However, in doing so, you are vouching for the person(s) you are inviting.

Before you invite people, consider if they are someone you would want to spend a week riding together, on the same snowboard camp. Are they encouraging and honest? Are they fun to hang out with? Are they a good person? Lastly, do they have enough riding experience and skills to fit in to the group well?

Current members can send out email invites through their membership profile, after logging in: Profile >> Send Invites

Alternatively, you can reach out to the CAMP3 admin team here...