5 Star International Snowboard Camps


The Who

These ***** 5 star all-mountain snowboard camps are for any intermediate and advanced snowboarder looking to explore a new overseas destination with a super-fun crew of shredders and coaches who know the destination like the back of their hand.

Take your riding to the next level
Develop skills for deep powder riding
Explore a new resort with those in the know
Absorb the international snowboard culture with riders from all over
Spend a whole week with the crew exploring and sending

The What

The ***** 5 Star International Snowboard Camps are scheduled at varying resorts around the World. We currently run camps in Japan and France, and will be adding other destinations when travel normalises again.

The camps are 5 days in length over a 6-day window, with approximately 5hrs of coaching per day. The camp costs include accommodation (7 nights), breakfast (and sometimes dinner depending on where), lift passes, travel to other local resorts, and top-quality coaching of course. View the camp pages themselves for more in-depth details.

Our groups have a maximum of six people per group. We can cater to both intermediate and advanced riders on these camps, as each camp will usually have multiple coaches working with different ability levels.

These camps can also have an expert level group, aimed at experienced instructors looking to push their riding to the next level.

The Why

Ride, eat and stay as a crew, with other snowboarders from around the World and the coaches themselves, and explore the best possible riding that a major international resort has to offer.

The Scheduled ***** 5 star camps for 2024

2024 camps are currently being planned for Japan and possibly Europe. Watch this space!

"This was the perfect break in the middle of a very busy season instructing! Exploring the resorts in the area and improving my skills with great coaches and guides. The accommodation was amazing with great Japanese food and an onsen. I finished the camp stoked on snowboarding with new friends and refreshed, ready for the rest of the season."

Nozawa Onsen Camp, 2018

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